For what hair type?

  • dry and damaged

What makes it stand out?

  • caviar extract,
  • based on Age-Control Complex

Deeply moisturising and nourishing treatment in form of hair oil. The high content of omega-3 fatty acids is essential to weak hair. Alterna Caviar Omega [+] Nourishing Oil works like and anti-oxidant, so it prevents another pollution. Complex Caviar Anti-Aging line is based on certified vegetable components.

Alterna Caviar – the first impression

The very first surprise is the price. To buy just one bottle with 50 ml capacity you will have to significantly damage your budget. Alterna Caviar Omega [+] presents itself elegant and solid. Squat violet bottle made with thick glass is handy. The silver cap is equipped with a theoretically convenient pipette. Unfortunately, right after the first opening the bottle it is impossible to put the pipette back without spilling the oil.

The oil is slightly runny, has a light formula and pleasing scent.

Get to know it better – the action

Alterna Caviar Omega Nourishing Oil is a light proposition. It is perfectly absorbed by the hair and leaves no greasy layer. After the first use hair is soft in touch. It smoothes strands, so hair is easier to comb. What is more, it penetrates inner hair structures, not only the surface.The manufacturer recommends Alterna Caviar Omega [+] be applied on damp or dry hair. It should be done after washing the hair. There is no need for rinsing the cosmetic. However, if applied in excess amount can make hair heavy. For the one time application, you need really small amount. For the very reason, Alterna Caviar Nourishing Oil is an efficient product. Used after every hair wash:

  • controls hydration level,
  • smoothers protective layer,
  • provides silky smoother and thickens hair,
  • inhibits ageing processes,
  • prevents matte hair and colour fading,
  • provides elasticity and facilitates styling.

What does Omega Nourishing Oil contain?

Alterna Caviar Omega [+] is universal due to the high concentration of omega fatty acids delivered by natural oils. Here are Abyssinian oil and perfectly hydrating sunflower seed oil. Alterna Caviar Nourishing Oil is also additional ingredients, for example, caviar extract and algae extract. Presented hair oil is rich in amino acids, vitamin complex A, C and D, and protective formula Color Hold. Moreover, its place found here also silicone in a significant amount. It is not a good news, especially considering that Alterna praise on its product being ecological and safe.

RARELY RECOMMENDED BECAUSE: costs way too much, contains redundant silicone, applied in excess amount deprives hair of the volume, poorly made applicator