For what hair type?

  • all hair types

What makes it stand out?

  • roucou oil in the composition

Versatile hair oil for all hair types. Light-weight serum against flyaways and frizzy hair. Essential Hair Care OI/OIL is a universal and practical product. It contains roucou oil found only in Davines cosmetics. Thanks to it hair is conditioned, luminous, disciplined and restored with healthy-looking appearance.

Essential Haircare OI/OIL – the first impression

OI/OIL Absolute Beautifying Potion is expensive. Especially, that there is only 50 ml capacity. It is colourless and has standard oily texture. Its fragrance is sweet and intense. Davines Essential Haircare OI/OIL is easy to recognise due to characteristic bottle.

On the squat and handy, transparent bottle was placed simple black and white label. The black cap was protected with a pump.

Get to know it better – the action

Essential Haircare OI/OIL is a cosmetic more difficult to apply on hair. It is thick enough to be best applied on wet hair. At the same time, it is runny enough to have a light formula. Nonetheless, it is easy to use too much of it. Davines OI/OIL applied in excess amount will weight down hair, cause greasy roots and devoid hair of the volume. However, if hair treated with a small amount of Absolute Beautifying Potion is smooth and visibly more lively.

Davines hair oil can be used for styling and right after it. For fine hair, one portion is enough. For thick hair can be used even 3 doses. Moreover, the product is best to apply on damp hair right after the hair wash. It is because its application after drying hair becomes more difficult. OI/OIL provides:

  • hair with universal care,
  • restores health, gloss, smoother and volume,
  • disciplines unruly hair and facilitates combing,
  • creates a protective layer,
  • speeds up drying time,
  • prevents ageing,
  • protection against the sun radiation.

What does Absolute Beautifying Potion contain?

Davines OI/OIL versatile properties are the merit of one substance. It is a component characteristic of the entire line, which is roucou oil obtained from red fruits of the Amazonian tree. The substance is rich in intense natural antioxidants. Absolute Beautifying Potion consists of sunflower seed oil and buriti oil. Essential Haircare OI/OIL contains also a mix of silicone oils. This name holds set of light and heavy silicone. These are the ones that make this product not suitable for the scalp.

RARELY RECOMMENDED BECAUSE: the high price, small capacity, is not suitable for the scalp, contains lots of silicone, can cause greasy roots and weight down hair, its consistency makes application difficult