Ranking - The Best Hair Oils

What should you know about hair oil treatment?

Hair oil treatment gains a lot of popularity. It effectively replaces traditional hair conditioners and masks. Hair oiling is based exclusively on natural hair oils. It is one of the most versatile methods. Perfect for women, men and even children.

The effects are amazing, costs very little and can be performed several ways.

Meet hair oil treatment. See for yourself that your favourite hair conditioner is not irreplaceable. Hair oils have deeper and more versatile action. The cosmetics available on the market are usually full of silicone. This means that its impact on hair is only superficial. Hair oil treatment provides nourishment and regeneration on the inside.


The properties of hair oils are various. The effects depend on the choice. Among natural hair oils are both highly regenerative and the one focused on a specific problem, like dandruff or psoriasis. All of them hydrate, strengthen natural barrier and nourish. They can speed up hair growth, prevent hair loss, darken, or even protect against split ends.

Did you know, that…?
Natural hair oils contain plenty of valuable ingredients. These are fatty acids that create natural lipid barrier of hair, nourishing vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, phytosterols and much more.

Hair oils can be divided to:

  • cold and hot pressed,
  • refined and unrefined,
  • natural or organic (with certificate),
  • drying, semi-drying or non-drying,
  • for low, medium or high porosity hair.

The best action has oils that were cold pressed and unrefined. These are usually used in cosmetology. High temperature and cleansing procedures cause precious nourishing ingredients to be washed out.


Hair oiling is a treatment focused on hair condition improvement achieved with natural oils. The oils work on the inside and out of the hair. Regulate processes in the scalp, so these strengthen hair on many different levels and work way better than other products.

How should you perform hair oiling?

When it comes to the hair oil treatment, the regularity is of the highest importance. Permanent change cannot be observed after just one use. The most relevant is that hair oil has to be regularly applied, best before every hair wash, but it is not the only method.

We differentiate two basic hair oil treatment methods:

1) Dry hair oil treatment
You apply oil directly to dry hair. Commonly performed before hair wash. If you have light oil, you can apply it on dry hair, for example, during the day.

2) Wet hair oil treatment
Here you apply oil on wet hair. Most frequently performed after the hair wash and prior to blow drying. Strands can be also wet before hair wash and then you apply oil.

3) Hair oil treatment in the bowl
In a wide bowl, mix water with your favourite oil in a small amount. Soak your hair in the prepared mix. This way oil is administered evenly on hair.

Of course, hair oil treatment methods can be combined. You can perform dry hair oiling or wet hair oiling over the night. In the morning you wash your hair. What is more, hair oil can be used an hour before or only after hair wash. You can also use oil when you intend on styling your hair or tie hair that was washed, for example, the day before. Hair oils are truly universal and there are no specific instructions as to their use. It works on the entire hair length, just on the scalp or to protect hair ends.

Remember about just one thing. Water and high temperature make it easier for oil to penetrate inner hair structures. It happens because hair cuticles are then open and that ensures better absorption. If you care about deep regeneration, choose overnight oil treatment, wet hair oil treatment and protect your hair with a warm towel.

Lastly, some helpful facts about hair oil treatment!

– Hair oils do not have to be washed down with anything special. Just wash your hair as usual.
– Hair oil treatment takes no more than few minutes. Depends on the skill.
– You can choose out of thousands of hair oils. It includes the big brands’ hair oils.
– Hair oil treatment does not cause oily scalp. On the contrary – it can minimise it.
– It is entirely safe treatment. No matter the method, the oil, the amount and application time.
– Hair oils can be purchased anywhere. In the drug store, semi-finished products or pharmacy.