For what hair type?

  • all hair types

What makes it stand out?

  • recommended for professional cut
  • bi-phased formula

The hair oil created for professionals. Matrix Oil Wonders Sharp Cut Oil enriched with argan oil. It is expected to visibly nourish and smoother hair. Thanks to it the trim is easier regardless the hair type. One of hair oils in Matrix Oil Wonders Line. There are oils from all over the world – Indian Amla, Egyptian Hibiscus and Amazonian Murumuru.

Matrix Oil Wonders Hair Oil – the first impression

The price is affordable. Oil Wonders Sharp Cut Oil has a packaging, just like other oils in this line. The gold and black plastic bottle with a capacity of 125 ml was decorated with symmetrically placed drops. For an application, you can use a convenient atomiser. What is more, the spray form works really well because Matrix Sharp Cut Oil is very thin. The characteristic thing about it is the bi-phased formula.

It has fresh and gentle, floral fragrance. Unfortunately, the aroma easily evaporates.

Get to know it better – the action

Matrix Oil Wonders Sharp Cut Oil is light-weight. The delicate mist evenly coats each centimetre, just like the rest of oils in this line. The hair oil is absorbed perfectly without weighing down. However, if hair is sprayed with an excess amount of oil, it can result in frizzy hair. Use product is reasonable amounts, then you will provide hair with smoother and facilitate combing.

Oil Wonders Sharp Cut Oil is a bi-phased product. Before use, shake it vigorously. Slightly damp and first washed hair spray few times at some distance. Comb hair and proceed with the trim. The correct use of Matrix Oil Wonders Sharp Cut Oil:

  • protects trimmed hair ends from splitting,
  • softens, smoothes, hydrates and ensures gloss,
  • facilitates trim that can be more precise,
  • eliminates the problem of frizzy hair and unruliness.

What does Oil Wonders Sharp Cut Oil contain?

An Ancient secret of beautiful hair is no longer a secret. Matrix Sharp Cut Oil unravels it all thanks to the great composition. The most important is argan oil obtained from the tree that can be found only in Morocco. Unfortunately, it is the only natural substance in the composition. The majority here are artificial substances, silicone, preservatives and fragrances. All this makes Matrix Sharp Cut Oil not suitable for the scalp use. It needs to be applied in a sensible amount on the half of the hair length down. Especially the irritation causing alcohols contained in its formula can result with frizzy hair and increase hair porosity.

RARELY RECOMMENDED BECAUSE: in excess amounts causes frizzy hair, more harmful alcohols, silicone and additions than oils, not suitable on the scalp, only superficial action.