For what hair type?

  • mature, grey, colour-treated

What makes it stand out?

  • Tsubaki oil
  • created to prevent hair ageing

Natural anti-age hair oil. A part of multi-purpose cosmetics based on Gold Oil Essence, which composition was inspired by the Far East tradition. According to the manufacturer it supposed to prevent main signs of hair ageing – deeply nourish, the control level of hydration, protect hair colour and provide opulent gloss.

Montibello Hair Oil – the first impression

Gold Oil Essence The Tsubaki Oil costs quite a lot. It is one of more expensive hair oils. Due to its appearance, there is nothing that would make it stand out. The plastic bottle in shade of dusky pink with a gold cap is elegant. It presents itself very good and has a convenient pump that makes the application much easier. This Montibello hair oil is available to buy in two different capacity: 130 ml and smaller with 30 ml. It has characteristic flower and fruity and intense aroma.

The oil itself is thick, greasy and full-bodied with slightly pink shade.

Get to know it better – the action

Montibello The Tsubaki Oil is thick but causes no weighing down, or greasiness and it absorbs really well. It leaves hair with marvellous fragrance. After application of Montibello Gold Oil Essence Tsubaki Oil, hair is smooth, gloss and soft in touch. It is easier to style and comb.

A small amount is enough to cover the entire hair, so this hair oil is very efficient. Especially when using it on damp hair. Montibello Gold Oil Essence use also on dry hair and for hair oil treatment. Its regular application:

  • restores pH structure of the epidermis,
  • nourishes and strengthens cuticle coating of the hair,
  • seals hair cuticles and helps maintain hydration,
  • helps eliminate inflammations of the scalp, dandruff and irritations,
  • guarantees protection against sun radiation,
  • intensifies hair colour and ensures opulent gloss.

What does Montibello The Tsubaki Oil contain?

The described action of Montibello Hair Oil was a merit of one ingredient. It contains Tsubaki oil obtained from Camellia japonica, that blooms even in the extremal winter conditions. Its seeds are rich in protective and nourishing ingredients. Unfortunately, this is the only oil in the Montibello Gold Oil Essence The Tsubaki Oil. The significant advantage of the composition makes silicone, preservatives and substances absorbing UV radiation. The components analysis shows that this hair oil is not suitable on the scalp. Silicone can disrupt proper functions and clog pores.

RARELY RECOMMENDED BECAUSE: it is not suitable on the scalp, can clog pores, composition full of silicone and preservatives, costs a lot, contains only one natural oil