Nanoil pure almond oil

What hair type is it designed for?

  • frizzy, static
  • deprived of vitality, lifeless

What makes it stand out?

  • cold-pressing, not extracted through refining process
  • 100% argan oil with the Ecocert label
  • natural formula, fancy design
  • for hair and whole body care

All women love sweet almond oil as it’s the best oil to treat stretch marks and care for very sensitive skin. Also, it works wonder on hair, especially almond oil launched by Nanoil which is a one-size-fits-all formula working truly effectively.

The secret of Nanoil is being 100% organic, cold-pressed and not being obtained during refining process.

That is why it works best and is bio-compatible with skin. It’s hard to find a better and milder oil.

Nanoil Almond Oil – first impression

Looking at Nanoil Almond Oil you might think it’s pricey. It makes such impression because of a fancy vial and a nice black etiquette with golden elements and wooden cap. Contrary to appearances – the oil isn’t at all expensive. The price is adequate to the product’s quality – you should remember that a glass bottle holds pure organic sweet almond oil extracted in a traditional way. It has a gold colour and a very neutral scent whereas the formula is absorbed quickly, not weighing down yet coating hair and skin with a velvet-like and protecting layer.

Get to know it better – almond oil effect

Nanoil Almond Oil is a multi-purpose product you can apply both to hair and skin (all body parts). What is the effect of regular application of sweet almond oil?

It brings back healthy shine, smoothness and softness. Improves the looks of dull hair and makes it age more slowly, adds elasticity and strengthens. It makes hairstyling easier and hair is more resistant to heat and negative effect of UV radiation. Summing up, Nanoil Sweet Almond Oil lets you enjoy vital, healthy and stunning hair longer.

When it comes to Nanoil Almond Oil’s skin benefits, they are even better. Above all, it’s a great remedy for stretch marks, cellulite and wrinkles. Not only does it ensure sufficient moisture and nourish but also delivers full care, sun protection, leaving skin smooth and elastic.

What does Nanoil Almond Oil contain?

It is a truly minimalist product. All you get is 100% sweet almond oil extracted in a traditional way, unrefined, certified. The formula is free of parabens, silicones, alcohols and other irritative substances so you treat your hair and skin using only the power of natural ingredients – Nanoil Sweet Almond Oil is high in antioxidants, incl. vitamin E.

RECOMMENDED FOR: quality (cold-pressed, unrefined), very mild formula soothing irritation, all-purposeness, efficiency, uses on skin and hair